families in crisis

  • When it comes to finding an affordable place to call home, families are facing the worst time in California’s history, according to the Department of Housing and Community Development.

  • When people pay too much of their earnings toward rent, they can’t afford basics like healthcare, nutritious food, or transportation to work.  In California, more than 3 million people and families pay over 30% of their income toward rent.  For 1.5 million households, rent takes up more than 50% of their income.

  • California has a disproportionate number of people experiencing homelessness – nearly one in four of homeless Americans reside in our state. This includes nearly one-third of the nation's homeless youth.

Read more from the California Department of Housing and Community Development’s statewide housing assessment (public draft) "California's Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities."

  • When housing costs are considered, California’s poverty ranking goes from 15th to 1st among all state in the nation.

See how California stacks up against other states in this US Census Bureau data.

jobs in crisis

  • California jobs are leaving for other states because workers can’t afford a place to live here. Schools are losing teachers, bus drivers, librarians and other critical staff who are priced out of communities where they work.
  • California has 5 of the 10 most expensive rental markets in the country.

Check out the National Housing Conference “Paycheck to Paycheck” tool to find out who can and can’t afford to live in your community.

seniors in crisis

  • California’s senior poverty rate is already second-highest in the nation when housing costs are included. Older women and adults of color face the hardest time paying the rent. When seniors pay more than they can afford on rent, they can’t afford healthy food, medicine, or other necessities.

Learn more about the toll skyrocketing housing costs take on our aging population in this report from the AARP Foundation and The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

health in crisis

  • Without a safe and affordable place to call home, Californians struggle to access consistent health care services.  Children’s well-being suffers and people with disabilities or chronic conditions face costly and life-threatening obstacles in accessing care.

Read more about the link between housing and health in this report from Policylink.

environment in crisis

  • Greenhouse gas emissions soar when workers are forced to commute long distances to afford housing.

See how where we live affects how far we drive – and how much pollution we create in this study of CalTrans data done by the California Housing Partnership Corporation and Transform California.