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the gordon Family

Harry lost his job at a power plant after a devastating industrial accident, which permanently disabled him and my own personal health has kept me on disability for many years. When Harry lost his job, we lost our home, and have been homeless for the past 11 years. When we could no longer pay fees for a storage locker, we lost all of our personal belongings. My husband and I and our two children, Shane and Cheyenne, have lived in a tent, sometimes in our vehicle, and there were also times we lived in a motel. During this time our children never missed a day of school; they did not allow their situation to dictate their future.

At least we have a permanent place to live. All we wanted was a place to call home, and we've found that in Rockwood Apartments.Thank you to Jamboree, IHO, the city of Anaheim, and the Rockwood community for telling us "welcome home" when we moved in.