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Stay connected with us as we share ideas for creating a California where everyone has a place to call home.  Together, well learn about opportunities to fix our states housing policies so seniors, families, students, veterans, and workers can afford to live in the Golden State.

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Together, we can send a strong message that it’s time to fix broken laws that have made the housing crisis worse for families. Right now, the State Legislature is considering a package of bills to help alleviate the growing housing crisis. The state must start investing in affordable homes and holding local governments accountable for creating places that are affordable for families to live.

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Tell your legislator to support these important housing relief bills and ask that they be part of the housing package TODAY: 

SB 2 (Atkins) - Provides seed money to get new, affordable developments under construction by placing a fee on certain real estate transaction documents (NOT related to home or business property sales). Send an Email Now →

SB 3 (Beall) - A new bond measure to invest in affordable homes for Californians struggling to pay the rent. Send an Email Now →

AB 71 (Chiu) - Fixes a backwards state policy that gives tax credits to owners of second homes and vacation properties while millions of Californians lack a single roof over their heads. Send an Email Now

AB 72 (Santiago and Chiu) - Strengthens the state's ability to enforce laws that require local governments to achieve housing goals. Send an Email Now

AB 1505 (Bloom, Chiu, and Garcia) - Restores the ability of local governments to set priorities for development that include homes affordable to workers and others with limited incomes. Send an Email Now →